Podcast Episode 105: Gwen Jorgensen – 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion

Episode 105: Gwen Jorgensen – 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion

In episode 105 of The Physical Performance Show, I have a conversation with 2016 Olympic Triathlon Champion – Gwen Jorgensen.  Gwen’s triathlon resume is unlike very few female triathletes, it is incredible. Gwen won the world triathlon series championship in 2014 and 2015, has been named the USA Triathlons 2013 and 2014 female athlete of the year, has been a dual Olympic US representative in the sport of triathlon in 2012 and obviously gaining 2016 where Gwen took the Olympic gold medal ahead of Nicola Spirig.

In 2016, Gwen’s 13 streak consecutive winning spree from the world triathlon series came to an end on the Gold Coast but no female triathlete has ever done that in the history of sport. In 2016 after the Rio Olympic games Gwen made an announcement where she declared that she was shifting her focus from the sport of triathlon where she had enjoyed so much success to go after gold in the Women’s Marathon in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We covered that today in this conversation,

During this episode, Gwen shares about the bold declaration, the reason behind it and why it is such a driving force forher as she now works to the 2020 Olympic Games in the marathon. We discuss what her adaptation as she transitions from 40 mile running weeks in triathlete to the now required 100 plus miles per week consistently. Gwen shares about what she has been learning and experiencing running with recent new York marathon champ and multiple US Olympian Shalane Flanagan, running at altitude in Boulder.  We discussed Gwen’s adding in the New York marathon in 2016, the same year Gwen took Gold in the Olympic Triathlon and what it was like running through the ever supportive streets in New York and Manhattan.

We touch on Gwen’s ‘AllIn’ YouTube video series. Gwen shares some great tactics, strategies and practicalities around training, strength training, heart rate training, rest recovery and also the habit of journaling. This is an episode that is ‘AllIn’ especially being that Gwen is just the second Olympic Gold Medallist we’ve featured on the Physical Performance Show.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Working around a new baby
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • What is Gwen learning with Shalane
  • Retiring from Triathlon and declaring working towards
  • Why Gwen chose Marathon
  • Genesis of #allin
  • Rio Olympics
  • Women’s Health
  • Strength training
  • Use of heart rate monitoring
  • Journaling
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Hardest Workout
  • Highs and Lows of career
  • Best Advice
  • Physical Challenge

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Gwen Jorgensen Gwen Jorgensen

Gwen Jorgensen Gwen Jorgensen

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