Podcast Episode 101: Lee Troop – 3x Olympic Marathoner, Former 5000m AUS record holder

Episode 101: Lee Troop – 3x Olympic Marathoner, Former 5000m AUS record holder

In episode 101 of The Physical Performance Show, I have a conversation with 3x Olympic Marathoner, former 5000m AUS record holder – Lee Troop.

Lee Troop has a remarkable distance running career to date. Lee has been an Australian Olympic representative three times in the marathon for the 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Lee takes us through the preparation, the racing and the wash up of what in Lee’s view was three disappointing Olympic outings and all the learnings that he took in retrospect from each of those Olympic games campaigns. Lee broke Ron Clarke’s 33 year old national record in the 5000m made in his 1999 running a blistering quick 13:14:82. One year later Lee turned his energies and attention to the marathon and Lee takes us through those formative years breaking that record, including significant voices and mentors that Lee had in his camp including the legendary Steve Moneghetti. Lee’s running PB’s are remarkable 10,000 made in 27:51 set in 2003, 10 kilometres on the road 28:51, the half marathon 101 flat set in Tokyo in 1999 and the marathon 209: 49 set in Japan in 2003. Lee then went on to run at 2:17 Marathon at the age of 40 years, we touch on that today.

During this episode Lee shares with us the highs the lows and the learnings of his remarkable distance running career to date. He lays down a physical challenge, shares his best marathon tips and best advice. Lee mentions towards the end of the episode that he was off to a memorial for one of his young runners who tragically took his life from the Boulder Track club which Lee founded and how that has impacted him and the club. This is an episode full of insights, commitment and heart.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Lee’s early years growing up in Geelong, Victoria
  • Scholarship opportunity in USA
  • Training with Steve Moneghetti.
  • Breaking Ron Clarke’s record
  • Leading into Marathon
  • Suffering an injury before the Olympic trials
  • Athens Olympics
  • Using Sports Science leading into Beijing Olympics
  • Being caught up in the bombings in Beijing
  • Closing the book on running with the New York Marathon in 2014
  • Training Laura Thweatt
  • Making peace with age
  • Boulder track club

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