Episode 75 Bob Larsen: USA Hall of Fame Track and Field Coach

In this episode of The Physical Performance Show Brad has a fire-side chat with USA Hall of Fame Track and Field Coach Bob Larsen. During the episode Bob shares around his running growing up before progressing into high school coaching before coaching at UCLA and elite level runners including Meb Keflezighi. He chats about the training it takes to be one of the world’s best marathon runners and important training metrics.

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In this episode Bob shares:

  • How Bob brought American distance running back

  • His running journey growing up

  • His career as a coach from high school through to his current role

  • How he coached Meb Keflezighi

  • The coaching metrics that matter for distance running

  • How to prolong a distance runner’s career

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Books by Meb Keflezighi:

Meb for Mortals

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0:00 Start

3:15 Introduction to Bob Larsen

6:30 How Bob Larsen started his training group – bringing American distance running back to an international level

8:55: Genesis story of Bob Larsen

9:10 Bob as a runner growing up

14:30 Discovering coaching: start of Bobs career

15:30 coaching techniques that were working back in the high school years that still work

21:35 Injury minimization strategies – cross training

28:40 Mebs Boston Marathon win

32:10 Lead up to Meb’s Athens medal

36:35 The workouts before Meb’s Athens Olympics

39:55 Coaching metrics that matter

47:26 Prolonging a career – Meb’s drills

50:36 Single piece of advice to perform at physical best

52:00 Who would Bob have at his dinner table?

53:15 Physical Performance Challenge

55:18 Where to find Bob Larsen online

58:13 Finish

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