Podcast Episode 84: Phil Liggett MBE – The Voice of Cycling

Podcast Episode 84: The Voice of Cycling – Phil Liggett

I recently sat down with Phil Liggett and lived out a childhood dream for Episode 84 of The Physical Performance Show podcast. Domestically in Australia Phil is known best for his coverage of the Tour De France from 1991-2016. Internationally, Phil has reported on 15 Olympic games and 44 Tour de France races, authored 4 books and was once a professional cyclist who gave up a promising career to pursue his media career.

Listen in as Phil shares around all things cycling, his incredible media career and his love for South Africa including his conservation efforts with the rhinos.

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In this episode Phil shares:

Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Phil’s time in cycling as a professional athlete
  • Phil’s decision to focus on his media career
  • The highs and lows of the Tour de France
  • Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace
  • Phil’s most memorable moments in cycling
  • Phil’s love for South Africa
  • How Phil met his wife
  • Phil’s best advice

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