Podcast Episode 211: Jake & Zane Robertson-Fastest twins in history
In episode 211 of The Physical Performance Show I share a conversation with Jake & Zane Robertson-Fastest twins in history in this Bonus Lockdown edition. One of the things that came out of this conversation with Jake and Zane Robertson is the dangers and frustrations of constantly being compared as identical twin brothers.  So the risk of adding fuel to the fire Jake and Zane Robertson’s PB’s are red-hot. Between them they boast oceanic records as follows: Jake 10km oceanic record 27:28, 10,000m 27:32, half marathon 59:57. Zane oceanic marathon record 2:08:19 and half marathon 59:47 and 10km 27:28. There’s a lot more to Jake and Zane Robertson than PB’S and that’s some of what we delve into on this episode. During this episode we cover the early days, training principles, running hills, training failures, training successes periodising training, approaching marathons, training blocks, fuelling for performance and the hard eating questions around pancakes, basketball and Tupac.

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Listen in as we delve into the following:

  • Top 3 Tupac songs
  • What was growing up like with Zane and Jake
  • Jakes recollection of being anorexic while growing up
  • Jake’s and Zane’s other sporting interest
  • Their first mentor learnings
  • Best advice for racing
  • Mileage when they arrived in Kenya
  • Biggest change after leaving NZ to Kenya
  • What their day looked like
  • What are their hill sessions
  • Periodisation they are using for best result
  • Typical week of training
  • Lockdown training plan
  • Training Tips for Half Marathon
  • Their race itineraries this year
  • What are their legacies as brothers
  • Best part and challenging part of being a twin
  • Their Best Races
  • Their Top attributes
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