Interview with Born to Kick Arse Podcast

Recently I was invited and interviewed on the Born to Kick Arse podcast with Matthew Thomasi.

Listen to the Podcast>>>

Time Line

1:30     Introducing Brad Beer
2:12     How do you manage your time and juggle all your projects
5:27     Was Triathlon the main sport you participated in growing up?
8:59     At this point in your life had you started your studies in Physiotherapy and exercise science?
10:01   After your crash were you athletic at all or did you put your athletic career on the backburner?
11:48   Were you trying to diagnose and heal yourself through what you were learning in Uni
13:44   What was your recovery like after surgery? Did it take a long time to get back on our feet?
16:20   Launch of POGO Physio
17:31   As a Physiotherapist – did you specialise in running injuries?
20:20   Running and the injuries it can cause
23:10   Diagnosis determining prognosis
27:10   Understanding and discovering the running body
27:40   Running with great technique
29:24   Hip strengthening exercise
31:19   Core stability and hip stability – the differences
36:08   3 phases – muscle activation, muscle strengthening and muscle endurance
40:35   Pelvic tilt
46:07   Understanding your running body
48:00   Stretching
51:30    Foam roller – how beneficial is it?
54:14    Graston technique and what is it?
56:12    Hip down foot up approach
59:00    Barefoot running
1:00:50 Shockwave therapy
1:02:25  How important is diet to injury prevention and recovery?
1:03:39  How do you define success?
1:05:07  Giving advice to a young you – what would you tell him?
1:06:10  Recommend a book other than your own
1:07:40  Where can people find you?
1:10:30  With the guests that you have interviewed is there a common theme?
1:12:55   Finish