about brad

My name is Brad Beer, I’m a physiotherapist, AMAZON Best Selling author, host of The Physical Performance Show podcast and the Founder of a company called POGO Physio.

I specialise in helping active people perform at their physical best, by keeping them pain and injury free. I work best with highly committed people who place a high value on their physical health & performance.

I graduated from the Gold Coast’s Griffith University in 2005 with a double degree in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, and shortly after launched my practice in 2006 (originally named My Back’s Physio Australia). Over the last eight years and through-out my career I have delivered in excess of 25,000 physiotherapy consultations.

I’ve helped my clients experience some remarkable physical achievements. Achievements that range from a mum running her first 10km road race, the aspiring marathoner completing their first marathon, through to helping my clients win Olympic Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. I’ve helped swimmers gain selection onto the Australian Swimming Team and win World Championship Medals, triathletes win World Titles, Surf ironman claim multiple Nutri-Grain series victories, and an explorer trek 3000km across Antarctica to set a new world record. I’ve even helped Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, perform at his physical best on his last world tour.

Throughout all of this experience in working with my clients (active people) I’ve come to recognise

that they experience three main problems:

  1. The frustration of that pain and injury that just won’t go away.
  2. The anxiety that comes with not being able to perform at their physical best, and the
  3. Fear that they will not be able to do the very thing that they love to do through-out their

lifetime because of pain or injury

For this reason I established POGO Physio.

Everything we do at POGO is based around our unique 3P Philosophy. We help clients become Pain free, Perform at their best, and most importantly go on to Prolong their physical health and performance.

Our approach differs wildly from the physiotherapy industry. However we believe that our approach ensures exceptional, timely, and longer lasting results, which ultimately saves our clients’ money and time.

I am passionate advocate for all Australians having access to complete and remarkable physiotherapy solutions. As a result I enjoy sharing my views and insights from my blog reel.

Brad Beer