Podcast Episode 61: Interview with Aaron Royle – AUS Olympic Triathlete Representative

Episode 61: Aaron Royle – AUS Olympic Triathlete Representative

I recently sat down with Aaron Royle – AUS Olympic Triathlete Representative for Episode 61 of The Physical Performance Show podcast.

I had a fire-side chat with Aaron who during the episode unpacks the highs and lows of his career including making the ultimate choice between running and swimming to choose triathlons at a very young age, he discusses insights into his training, the Olympics and where his nickname Bugs comes from.

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In this episode Aaron shares:

  • Introduction to Aaron Royle
  • Choosing Triathlons over swimming and running at 14
  • What Aaron loved about Olympic Sports
  • Aaron’s next steps after school
  • Racing at the World Titles New Zealand
  • Dealing with Expectations
  • Training in UK
  • Training and respect for Olympic Athletes
  • Performance Round Questions
  • Bucket List
  • Origins of the nickname ‘Bugsy’
  • Physical Challenge: 30 x 7 challenge

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